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Site of one of the most important battles of the war of 1812, Queenston Heights was a true turning point in the war. In October of 1812 the Americans invade Canada across the Niagara River and catch the British off guard. The objective was to establish a foothold on the Canadian side of the river from which a build-up could take place and a larger scale military operation could be launched.

The invasion site was the village of Queenston and the Americans were able to quickly land and establish their position. The British artillery in Queenston began to establish the range of the American boats crossing the river which were reinforcing their position.

Isaac Brook, the British commander, was awaken by the sound of the artillery and quickly rushed to the sound of the battle. The Americans were attempted to flank the British forces and take the artillery. The artillerymen fled the scene and Brook calling for more troops led several charges against the Americans during which he was mortally wounded but the attacks ultimately proved to be successful and the Americans were pushed back across the river. Early and easy victory in North America had been avoided and the war promised to be a drawn out affair.

On the site of the battlefield a large column was erected to celebrate the British/Canadian victory over the Americans and the salvation of British North America.

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