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The Battle of the Reichswald

In early February 1945 the Allied forces were at least ready for the thrust into Germany and Brian Horrocks, commanding the British and Canadian forces was charged with driving into the Reichswald Forest in Germany as the initial phase of what was hoped would be an easy drive to Berlin. The drive was not easy and the discoveries were horrific.

The Germans were collapsing and the Russian were driving to Berlin for the last stand of Hitler in his Bunker. Canadian units, like the British and American's knew the war would soon be over and no one wanted to be one of the last killed but the fighting and policing still had to be carried out.

As the Germans fell apart the number of refugees, prisoners, civilians, survivors from the concentration camps and allied POW's released became more of a problem then the actual fighting. German had fired it's last bullet during the battle of the Bulge but many fanatic Nazi's would rather die then give up and that was just one of the dangers which the Canadian troops had to be aware of. Finally the last campaign drew to a close and the Canadian's, Americans and British meet the Russians coming form the east and the fighting ceased. The European war was over.


Battle: Battle of the Reichswald

Feb 8 - March 11, 1945

Campaign: Germany  
War: World War II 1939 - 1945
Where: Reichwald Forest
Western Front


Belligerents: Canada Germany
Bernard Montgomery - Br
Harry Crerar - Cdn
Brian Horrocks - Br
Alfred Schlemm
Forces: 200,000 Men 90,000 Men

Decisive Allied Victory

Casualties: Casualties - 23,000 Opponents
Killed - 1,470 Casualties - 38,000
Canada Others - 5,500 Captured - 52,000

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