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It had been 5 1/2 longs years of war since Canada had joined Britain in declaring war on Germany after their unprovoked attack on Poland. In the dark days of September 1940 the end of the British Empire and the German victory seemed inevitable. By 1941 the situation seemed little better, even with the Soviet Union in the War. The Germans were at the gates of Moscow and the desert war was going badly. Then the Japanese struck in the east and quickly overran everything in their path only finally slowing down as they reached the boarders of India, Australia, Alaska and the southeast Pacific.

Slowly, very slowly, with the Soviet Union and the United States as allies, the tide began to turn. The Germans were turned back in the desert, the Russians began to stiffen and reverse the tide and the Americans score some important victories in the Pacific. North Africa was secured with an American landing and a British push, southern Europe was invaded, the island hopping campaign in the Pacific began to pay off.

England became a floating armada of Canadian, British, American, French and many other troops from around the world. The great invasion of Normandy was successful and the drive through France, Belgium and the Netherland quickly unfolded with the Battle of the Bulge sealing the fate of the German military. Than into German and the horrible discovery of the concentration camps and the consequences of Nazi rule. Finally the day had arrived, the complete surrender of Nazi Germany and victory in Europe. On May 8th, 1945, the long struggle against Hitler and the Nazis was over.

An outburst of joy and euphoria seized London, Britain, the Empire, Canada, Ottawa, Halifax and every little town and Hamlet across the lands of the allies. Many Canadian soldiers and sailors were already enroute to the Pacific to assist in the drive for final victory against Japan. Many of those sailors were in Halifax on May 8th and their celebrations became so intense that the authorities closed down stores and bars resulting in a riot by the celebrating naval forces.

The next step of the war was to defeat the Japanese in the Pacific and then participate in the remaking of the post war world.


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