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By the early 1600's hundreds of fishing vessels visit the shores of Newfoundland every summer to haul in it's rich harvest of cod. The idea of establishing a permanent settlement along the Newfoundland coast was not new but in 1610 Sir John Guy of England is planning just that.

The idea behind settlement was to solidify the rights of England to the land and waters of Newfoundland and hence claim the resources and area for itself only. Coopers Cove in Conception Bay is thereby settled by Guy and his colonists. This becomes the first European settlement in Canada. They establish local industries and build an economy based upon the fishing trade. They also set out to make contact with the Beothic Indians. They do manage to meet them once but never see them again after that. 

The pressures of foreign pirates and harsh winters begin to take a toll on the colony by the 3rd year. The English investors continue to lose money and begin to lose faith in the project. By 1613 John Guy returns to England a bitter and disillusioned man. The colony dwindles and dies. New English settlements look further south to Virginia and the Carolina's to try new colonies.