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The initial stages of the Seven Years War were going badly. Fort Oswego had been captured by Montcalm in America, the British were losing badly in Europe and it looked as though the best policy for England would be to sue for peace before matters deteriorated further.

In 1757 William Pitt rose to power in Britain and a new vitality surge through the English War effort. Preparations were made to implement a new strategy. A Grand strategy which would insure competent direction of the war effort by the British armies, utilize the superiority of the Royal Navy, and direct the attacks at the heart of New France. Pitt realized that the war was to be won in all of the colonial battlegrounds throughout the world, not on the European mainland where the French maintained the advantage of interior lines and superior numbers. The key was the colonies.

An attack was prepared for that would take back the Lake Champlain highway to Quebec City, take the super fortress guarding the entrance to the St Lawrence, Louisbourg, and then sail up the St Lawrence to Quebec City and drive a stake through the heart of New France. 

The plan was set, the forces gathered and the timetable started.