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The Korean war had served as the first direct major hot war between the west and the communist bloc. The fifties became a period of invisible changes. Nationalistic feelings grew in Quebec, Diefenbaker touched a cord with many Canadians, and the economic growth continued. A tightening relationship with the US resulted in North American Defence against Nuclear attack and an increase in NATO's mandate in Europe.

By the beginning of the 60's the western world was become anxious for change. A new US President reflected activism, youth and a new call to duty. Kennedy excited the people,  the world and Canada turned back to the Liberals for leadership. Revolution, the baby boom, nationalism, the generation gap and many new and novel social/political themes were creating a culture of change and fast change at that. Technology was also shaping the new Canada and in 1967 for a few glorious summer months, the celebration of the country's 100th birthday, Expo 67 in Montreal, became one of the focal points of the world's attention.