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Governor Arthur Gordon was given the choice of a Governorship in the small colony of Nova Scotia or a Caribbean colony. He chose Nova Scotia but quickly became bored and restless. Nova Scotia had establish responsible government long before Gordon arrived and the position had already evolved into one of more figurehead executive then power welding ruler. He was quite aware of events unfolding in America with a great Civil War grinding along with a bloodletting greater then any ever before seen in North America.

He came up with a concept that would become his mission as governor. Maritime Union had been discussed from many decades with no ultimate action taken. He felt that he could use his royal influence to convince the governors of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island to help him bring together maritime politicians  at a conference to begin talking about the potential for a Maritime Union and the steps that need to be taken to achieve it.

The British Government warmed to the idea of Maritime Union and saw it as a potential precursor to a more general Union of the British North American colonies. Agreement was generally reached among Politian's and Imperial powers and September 1, 1864 was set as the date that the maritime representatives would convene at Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island to discuss the issues and steps to be taken to achieve union. Little did they know that the Canadians were also on their way to make another proposal.