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A New World | Prosperity | World Role | Newfoundland | Korea | CCF & Tommy Douglas | Immigration

With victory over Germany, Italy and Japan, came peace and prosperity. Canada, as one of the victors, enjoyed the fruits of that victory and the world seemed to be a safe friendly place. Slowly this confidence was undermined as relations between east and west were strained. Stalin and the Soviet Union began to reveal themselves as an aggressive political philosophy on he march.

Social consequences of prosperity emerged in the form of a new movement in the west under a young Tommy Douglas and Newfoundland was faced with a choice between continuing as a British colony, regaining its independence or looking to Canada for partnership. Joey Smallwood became the last father of confederation when he guided, pushed, cajoled, dragged, and led Newfoundland into Canada.

Canada and the west also became the last great hope for many people in a war devastated world which was struggling to survive and start down that long hard road to reconstruction. Immigration to Canada was a much more promising, safe option and many applied. Canada's image, makeup and direction were profoundly changed.