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1968 marked a watershed in Canada. Prime Minister Pearson recognized the power of French nationalism in Quebec. Canada would have to make drastic changes in the mosaic and makeup of the country to accommodate changing demands across the land. This change required action and the Liberals started by recruiting star Federalist candidates in Quebec and presenting them to the country as sincere proof of a new direction. Pierre
was made minister of Justice and Trudeau-mania sweep the nation. A new Liberal period of government began an Trudeau became the leader of the country for a generation. This period was turbulent and disruptive with overwhelming economic challenges and political forces that took the country to the brink of disintegration. Alienation of traditional voters also spread and the political fragmentation of the country resulted in a highly Polarized electoral landscape.

Ironically the final step towards complete statehood was also achieved during this period with the repatriation of the constitution and the creation of a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It was a period of experimentation, fractured fellowship, strong nationalistic feelings, alienation, and loss of confidence, but Canada  emerged from this time intact and progressive.