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With he establishment of Halifax in 1749, the Royal Navy had a major naval facility that it could use against the French to the North and as it turned out during the American Revolution, against the American colonies. The natural harbour in Halifax lent itself to development and with the naval base and town, a fort was built in order to protect the dockyards and was called the Citadel.

As with many forts the Citadel was rebuilt many times as required by progressing military needs. The current version was built in 1856 and has an excellent view of the harbour. It is representative of 19th century bastion fortification design with ramparts, ditches and signal masts. It's main purpose was as a defensive bastion against any American aggression which might occur and during the American Civil war the Citadel could expect potential action from the US at any time due to strained relations with Britain.

The fort was turned over to the Canadian military in 1906 as the British retrenched in order to prepare for the growing challenge in Europe against Germany. It was used by the Canadian military during the First and Second world wars and housed troops on their way overseas from 1939 to 44.

Parks Canada operates the Citadel today and the 78th Highland Regiment demonstrates what life was like in the fortification 100 plus years ago.

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