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Various man made structures represent the style and spirit of a country. Some of the Canadian landmarks are obvious such as the Parliament buildings in Ottawa or Province House in PEI where it all began, and some are not s obvious such as Anne Shirley's house, Green Gables or the grain elevators of the prairies.

All of these can invoke an emotional reaction from Canadians and others as they well up on the horizon or appear as we round a turn in the road. They can bring back childhood memories, cause our national pride to swell with emotion or amaze us with structural beauty and accomplishment.

Other represent a direct line to the past such as the column at Queenston Heights which tells the story of an event where the future of Canada was in the balance and swung dramatically from one story to another until the survival of the country finally won the day. These and many more landmarks form a mosaic of history and heritage which constitute the Canadian story. 

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